Canada exported US$303.four billion amount of merchandise to the United States within 2006, up four.5% from 2005 plus up 45% surrounded impartial four years.

Canadian imports from the U.S. rose 8.7% to $230.three billion amid 2006, up 43.1% since 2002.

Canadas largest trading companion is America,plus Americas largest trading associate is Canada.

In terms of the merchandise flow between the two countries, Americas commerce shortage with Canada was $73.2 billion amid 2006,Rob Gronkowski Jersey, up 52% from 2002. The deficit with Canada really decreased six.7% surrounded 2006 from 2005 down from the 18.1% deficit increase among 2005 from the annual earlier.
Canadian Exports to
Of the $303.4 billion within American imports from Canada in 2006, the following production categories had the most values.
Petroleum products ..US$ billion (21% of Canada to U.S. exports, up 6% from 2005)Passenger motorcars $36.6 billion (12.5%, up 1.5%)Car portions & accessories .. $15.six billion five.1%, down 2.5%)Complete & assembled cars $12.2 billion (4%, Facebook [for;as;a, down two.3%)Aluminum .. $7.7 billion two.5%,Jordan 7 Hindu Sacred Animals, up 36.1%)Lumber .. $6.six billion 2.2%, down eight.9%)Finishing substances (e.g. shingles, wallboard) .. $5.nine billion two.0%, down 10.7%)Plastics .. $5.8 billion (1.9%, up seven.9%)Telecommunications .. $4 billion (1.3%,Tom Brady Jersey, down 0.7%)Engines & chapters $3.98 billion (1.3%, down eight.6%)Fastest-Growing Canadian Exports to
Below are American imports from Canada surrounded 2006 with the most ratio sales increases from 2005.
Read on Canada Trade Statistics 2009 Imported Computer Notebook plus Netbook Sales Canadian Chocolates Offer Export Opportunities Sugar .. US$43.four million (up 130.4% from 2005)Zinc .. $1.four billion (up 122.2%)Precious metals .. $685.9 million (up 72.4%)Oil field drilling equipment .. $1.0 billion (up 65.6%)Copper .. $2.0 billion (up 51.1%)Medicinal, dental & pill preparations .. $3.five billion (up 43.5%)Nickel .. $1.2 billion (up 38.9%)Canadian Imports from
Of the $230.three billion within American exports to Canada within 2006, the following production categories had the maximum values.
Vehicle portions & accessories .. US$23.6 billion (10.3% of Canada from U.S. imports, down 1.5% from 2005)Passenger cars $13.1 billion 5.7%, up eight.1%)Trucks, buses & special intention vehicles $11.eight billion five.1%,Nike Tom Brady Jersey, up 16.6%)Industrial machines .. $7.five billion three.2%, up nine.4%)Engines & parts $6.4 billion 2.8%, up three.3%)Plastics .. $6.3 billion two.7%, up five.9%)Electric device $ billion two.5%, up 11.2%)Computer accessories .. $5.2 billion 2.3%, down five.9%)Industrial engines .. $4.7 billion 2.0%, up 2.9%)Iron & iron mill products .. $4.three billion (1.9%, up seven.2%)Fastest-Growing Canadian Imports from
Below are American exports to Canada among 2006 with the maximum percentage bargains increases from 2005.
Copper .. US$1.1 billion (up 122.6% from 2005)Gold .. $1.two billion (up 108.8%)Natural gas liquids $693 million (up 94.7%)Nuclear oils matters $75.eight million (up 62.8%)Specialized mining .. $163.8 million (up 58.4%)Non-ferrous metals .. $871.five million (up 57.7%)Precious metals .. $647.2 million (up 50.2%)
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