ative? Clever? Caring? Wise beyond your years? Feel like an old soul? Do you sometimes find yourself down and out, tired Air Yeezy 2 For Sale, sad and blue Air Yeezy 2, mentally ruminating; remembering times past have "writer’s” block - or artist block or creative block or happiness block?
Feeling Blaaa?
What's going on? We're usually so positive, so helpful, so creative and expressive. We usually can take a bad experience, process it through our system and pop out an encouraging, funny or insightful story that helps our friends when they are discouraged.
If depression is a result of not living our dreams and passions, then one must ask herself, "What is holding me back from really living it big?"
Self-doubt is a beach. You don't need to go there. You don't need to go there alone. Throw yourself a life line and create your own personalized self-care plan for creative types. I have and it really works wonders. I created a mini-booklet that you download, print out, cut in half, fold and staple and it fits right in your pocket. It's called "Wellness Management in Your Pocket" a guide to help manage those relapses of depression and other mental crazies. I give it away for free on my Facebook Fan Page

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